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Round Pens Ireland


  • Superior design to our competitors.
  • As with most equestrian equipment, you get what you pay for. This is especially true for round pens and lunging rings. Most of our UK competitors make their round pens and lunging rings out of grid work steel. These pens are inexpensive, however they have a low weight tolerance, meaning a galloping horse could potentially damage or destroy them. They offer no escape for the handler in a dangerous situation, they can not be climbed on or over, and they do not allow equipment to easily be taken in and out with a loose horse Custom designed to match American standards in round pens and lunging rings. American round pens and lunging rings are built to last a lifetime of fully galvanised steel. They are extremely durable and can withstand kicks and knocks from a horse.

  • Extremely sturdy
  • These panels are so sturdy and durable, they can be used for permanent paddocks, turn out areas or living quarters.

  • Completely portable and re-sizeable.
  • Add or remove panels without needing any tools.

  • Sleigh feet to prevent sinking in mud.
  • Unique feature to our round pens and lunging rings. They can be placed on any surface, without sinking in and getting stuck or losing height.

  • Secured pins to prevent loss.
  • Our unique locking pins are permanently attached. No more searching in sand or long grass for missing parts.

  • No more replacing broken wooden rails or rotten wooden posts.
  • Built to last a lifetime of fully galvanised steel.

  • No heavy machinery or workmen required for set up.
  • Easily built by two people with no extra tools. No pounding posts, hammering rails, or yearly painting.

  • Secured with pins instead of clamps, which means no tools are needed for set up.
  • Unique to our round pens and lunging rings.

  • Hot-dipped galvanised for rust protection.
  • No need for yearly painting. Galvanised after construction so even welds are rust proof.

  • Locking mechanism allows for uneven ground.
  • We’ve built these with the Irish climate in mind. Built to self adjust for uneven/muddy ground.

  • 6ft height preferred by professionals.
  • 6ft height to discourage even the most talented of jumpers!

  • No need to paint or treat. Built to last a lifetime with no maintenance.
  • Hot-dipped galvanised to be rust proof forever.

  • Top corners are squared, not rounded or curved.
  • This eliminates the chance that a rearing horse may hang a leg in between panels where they are joined.

  • Joints are notched and welded all the way around.
  • This assures maximum strength and a smooth finish. This process eliminates moisture from penetrating rails and causing damage.

    We have 2 versions of our professional round pens available.

    Our light weight round pen/lunging ring is highly portable. It is particularly suited to turn out, lunging, restriction of grazing, injury recovery, or to take on the go to shows. These pens are very easily erected, disassembled, moved, or made smaller/larger by one person with no tools necessary. Each panel has 5 rails, is 8ft wide and 6ft tall and weighs approx. 30kg per panel. 

    Our walk through gate is 8ft high.

    Pen Size               # Panels*       Price       

    Single Panel               1                £165+VAT

    Single  Gate               1                £210+VAT

    16×16  Paddock         8                £1360+VAT

    30ft/9.1m                   12               £2020+VAT

    40ft/12.2m                 16               £2695+VAT

    50ft/15.25m               20               £3280+VAT

    60ft/18.3m                 24               £3915+VAT

    Prices exclude Delivery please call for a quote 00447710883088 

    *Total number of panels includes 1 gate section.

    Our heavy weight round pen is suited to those looking a more permanent placement, tend to work with more challenging horses, or want to contain cattle. 

    Please contact us for a quote on a heavy weight round pen.

    Not sure what size you need? Read my article here!

    A 40ft demonstration round pen has been set up in Co. Leitrim and Co. Down, give us a call today to arrange for a viewing.


    We can deliver within Ireland and the UK. For delivery prices please contact us for a quote.