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Arena Levelers and Graders 

 Our  NEW  wide range of graders, prepared for the care of various types of equestrian surfaces. Proper selection of the grader model to the ground guarantees professional care of the training arena. We have models of graders with both mesh, string and rubber rollers as well as graders for smoothing the sand substrate. For every grader, adapters are available to connect it to the device containing a towbar, ie a quad or a car. Each model of the grader, before it is offered to the clients is tested by us in our Show Stable Team. Thanks to this, our graders are tested, refined and professionally made!

All graders can come with additional extras for towing with quads and jeeps   ASK ABOUT ADAPTER KIT  


A unique grader for surfaces OLYMPIC BM, dedicated to different types of surfaces.

The applied solutions and equipment of this grader with mesh roll, 21 angled springs diameter of 10mm and shock absorbers give the possibility of equating different types of substrates with one device.

The built in steering system (swiveling mechanism) allows easier operation during turns.

-stable design,
-mesh shaft,
-two rows of springs with a diameter of 10mm,
-split strip,
-built-in steering system (swiveling mechanism),
-100mm safety wheel,
                                                                                                            -side scraper,
                                                                                                            -pressure bar                                                                                                                                                                                                            -hydraulic lifting.

Price £4498+vat .....also available with rubber roller