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Pro Booster Plus supports:

• Race/Event performance

• Metabolism

• Immunity & health

• Hair & coat condition

• Fertility

Pro Booster Plus is a balanced multi-vitamin & trace element booster for horses, ponies.

Containing Omega 3 plus 20 key micro nutrients including, Albion MAAC’s which are fully

protected to ensure a high level of bio-availability. Minerals in this form are better

protected against adverse interactions in the gut and are easily absorbed. MAAC’s are

resistant to antagonists such as sulphates and molybdenum. A large amount of suspected

deficiency is not as a result of primary deficiency but secondary interaction rendering the

minerals in the diet unavailable to the horse.


When to use:

• Booster for horses in training

• Conditioner for horses racing

• Conditioner for horses for sales

• Support for horses recovering from an illness

• Easy to administer & exceptionally palatable

Feeding instructions:

Pro booster Plus should be added to normal feed.

All Horses: Feed 60 ml per day

Ponies & Foals: Feed 30 ml per day

Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available

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