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Equi-Balance 12kg bucket


Equi-Balance is a low-starch, low-calorie concentrated source of vitamins and trace minerals for all classes of horses. Proper nutrition is extremely important in managing all types of horses, but supplying optimal nutrient intake without providing excess calories to thosewith low energy needs, particularly those with metabolic issues, can be especially challenging. Easy keepers at risk of, or exhibiting signs of metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance will benefit from careful management of the amount and type of forage and feed, with special attention to carbohydrate and caloric intake. Equi Balance is a natural product helping to maintain effective digestion by the inclusion of Equisaf Yeast Cultures and Bioplexes. In pursuit of further benefits for your horse’s health we have included bioplexes which are mineral proteinates of Zinc, Iron, Copper and Manganese. These are bonded to a range of amino acids to allow a number of potential absorption routes within the horses system. Bioplexes have been shown to improve equine health in general and in particular, immunity, development of bone, muscle structure, fertility and condition.

Why should I use Equi -Balance for my horse


Concentrated low-clorie, low-non-structural carbohydrate source of vitamins and trace minerals

Fulfils the vitamin and mineral needs of horses and ponies that are on forage-only diest or that consume less than the recommended daily amount of fortified feeds

Features elevated zinc concentration

Contains yeast culture to enhance digestion of fibre and other nutrients

Low-intake, palatable pellet allows for easy feeding

 Suitable for horses and ponies : Cushing Disease, Laminitis, over-weight ponies, older horses,

broodmares, stallions, performance horses, post colic, show horses, sales prep, youngstock,

native breeds, good doers,

Feeding rate 1 g for 1 KG of body weight 

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